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May the 4th be with you: StarColl debuts Star Wars NFT collection

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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StarColl, a Star Wars NFT marketplace and collection is set to issue collectibles from the popular movie franchise as NFTs on its platform with early registration to commence on May the 4th.

StarColl, an NFT marketplace and collection exclusively dedicated to one of the largest private Star Wars memorabilia collections, is set to list digital twins of its catalog.

The Star Wars collection will feature over 800 limited edition collectibles from the iconic sci-fi movie franchise released as nonfungible tokens on the StarColl marketplace.

Each StarColl NFT is a digital twin of an actual physical item from the massive Star Wars collection.

Ownership of NFTs from the listing will also grant free lifetime passes to the StarColl global traveling exhibition.

The announcement also revealed that all metadata and ownership information is secured on the QAN blockchain platform, a decentralized network that is reportedly resistant to quantum search algorithm attack vectors.

StarColl NFTs will be secured by the Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain, where metadata and ownership information is stored. ”

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