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Manchester United star extraordinary on and off the pitch

October 29, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

It is not unusual for a footballer to score a hattrick, even on a stage as grand as the Champions League. Although to score three times in 16 minutes is, admittedly, special. That Marcus Rashford achieved such a feat in the same week he, once again, caused turmoil for the UK government is extraordinary.

On a drizzly Wednesday evening in Manchester, where he came off the substitutes' bench to score a wonderful hattrick in United's 5-0 win over RB Leipzig, the 22-year-old proved he could do both: play football brilliantly while also, off the pitch, help hungry children.

Following the Conservative government's rejection last week of the opposition Labour Party's motion to extend free school meals over the school holidays in England to Easter 2021, Rashford's grassroots campaign attracted a groundswell of support.

Conservative lawmaker Mark Jenkinson said of the footballer that "Pretending, to score political points, helps no one," while James Cartlidge -- banned from a pub and restaurant in his constituency for voting against extending the provision of free school meals, according to the Daily Mail -- said "schools aren't responsible for feeding pupils outside term time. "

As one of England's most talented players, Rashford has had the ability to influence others for a number of years, ever since he scored on his United debut in 2016 to become an instant hero, but during this troubled year his voice has never been louder.

In June, by eloquently and calmly putting forward his case for free school meals to be provided to the poorest families in England over the summer school holidays, Rashford forced the government into a U-turn.

After attempts to provide 1. 4 million disadvantaged children in England with £15-a-week ($19) food vouchers during holiday was voted down, Rashford took to Twitter.

Rashford had already achieved much in football; representing his country at a European Championship and a World Cup, scoring 74 goals for United -- a tally that will only increase over the next few years.

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