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Man Has Warning After Being Scammed Out Of $11,000 By Fake Fraud Department That Persuades Him To Buy Gift Cards

January 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A senior citizen lost $11,000 to a fraudster who convinced him to run around town buying gift cards.

“I was very embarrassed by it,” said Mick McNeil.

John convinced McNeil to drive to Target and buy several gift cards, and then read the numbers off the back.

“He said, ‘He’s got me on the phone, I’ve been buying gift cards all day,’” Linda McNeil said.

Kresse said scammers like gift cards because they are almost untraceable.

“They want to keep you on the line, keep you on the hook, to keep you buying the gift card – but not a large enough number for the retailers to notice and warn you,” he said.

The Federal Trade Commission says gift cards are a popular tool for scammers, because as McNeil experienced, once someone spends the money on a card, you’re probably not getting it back.

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