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Majority of schools on military bases plan to open with in person-classes

August 2, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The majority of Defense Department schools that educate the children of the US military are moving ahead with plans to return with in-class instruction later this month amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. More than 110 intend to return children to the classroom but 43 on bases where the highest level of restrictions have been imposed due to the outbreak plan to start the new school year teaching virtually.

There are 159 Defense Department schools located on US military installations around the world, including on bases that are situated in areas that have seen major spikes of coronavirus cases, including Florida, Texas and Georgia.

While Defense Department schools will not automatically follow local civilian school districts to determine whether they will resume in person learning, they will follow guidance from the military installations on which they are located.

Schools on bases that are at the highest health protection level, known as "Charlie," will not have in-person instruction and will conduct virtual learning.

But some 41,000 students who go to schools on bases at the lower less robust protection levels, which the military refers to as "Alpha" and "Bravo," will resume in-person instruction in mid to late August.

Hoffman reiterated that the decision to change the health protection levels on a base has been delegated to local commanders who take into account local conditions in the neighboring civilian community, including whether there's been a downward trend in new cases over the last 14 days, whether there's sufficient hospital bed space and medical care available, and whether US military personnel are getting access to adequate health care.

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