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Louisiana supervisors reviewing video from a state police unit to investigate whether there's a history of abuse in its interactions with Black people, sources say

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The unit -- Troop F -- is the same unit involved in the 2019 encounter that ended in the death of Ronald Greene.

(CNN)A group of Louisiana State Police supervisors is currently reviewing all body camera and dashcam videos involving one police unit to investigate any patterns of misconduct, and it is particularly looking to see whether there has been a history of abuse in the unit's interactions with Black people, two sources familiar with the process confirmed to CNN.

Regarding the review of videos from Troop F, one source, who is a current state official, said the state police panel reviewing the videos is simply "policy and procedure. " But two sources with knowledge of the process said the panel is specifically investigating whether Troop F's interactions with Black motorists involved a pattern of excessive force.

A second source who is familiar with the panel told CNN it is standard for the LSP to assign supervisors from across the state to review video from all troopers, but especially if there is "any indication or suspicion of repeated wrongdoing by a troop, in this case Troop F. "

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