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Live updates: Joe Biden CNN town hall

September 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks in Tampa, Florida on September 15, 2020 during a roundtable discussion with Tampa-area veterans and military families. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faces questions from Pennsylvania voters at CNN's drive-in town hall. Follow here for the latest.

Biden CNN town hall

CNN's town hall with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has begun.

Biden's presidential campaign has made character its centerpiece, as the Democratic nominee casts the 2020 presidential race as a test of the "soul of the nation" against President Trump.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will face questions from viewers live in a setup in the parking lot of PNC Field in Moosic and CNN's Anderson Cooper will moderate the discussion.

Biden’s campaign and the Democratic convention were rooted in the notion that the former Delaware senator could be the “Healer-in-Chief. ” He will have a rare opportunity to show that side — and why Democrats think it matters — as he strives to connect with his questioners at tonight’s CNN Presidential Town Hall, which begins at 8 p. m. ET.

During a fundraiser Thursday afternoon, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden warned that President Trump is trying to "lay the seeds" to contest the election as illegitimate if he loses in November.

“It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that he’s trying to lay the seeds that the election is not legitimate," Biden said of Trump.

According to pool reports, Biden referenced the idea that Trump may be ahead in the early counting on election night, but said he didn’t think that would happen, because his own supporters have figured out that they can vote early to stanch that.

Ahead of tonight's town hall, former Vice President Joe Biden reassured Senate Democrats he would mount a vigorous effort in the campaign's final stretch, barnstorming the country through key swing states and helping crucial Senate races in the process, according to Democratic senators on a conference call Thursday.

Biden, speaking for roughly 25 minutes and taking a few questions, said repeatedly he was not finding comfort in polls showing him ahead of President Trump

Although the President is still trailing heavily — an analysis by CNN's Harry Enten found Biden is winning Hispanic voters by 28 percentage points — Biden is underperforming Clinton, who led by 37 percentage points in an average of final pre-election polls.

Asked why his numbers among Hispanic voters are as low as they are right now, Biden said on Monday that his number are much higher than Trump's, but added, "But they gotta go higher. "

Some Democrats, concerned that Biden's advantage with White voters could narrow, believe he needs to dial up his focus — and dedicate more resources — toward targeting the diverse array of Latino voters in key states like Florida, Nevada and Arizona that could tip the balance for the former vice president and win him the White House in November.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday that politics should never interfere with the development, approval and distribution of a potential Covid-19 vaccine.

Joe Biden's presidential campaign has made character its centerpiece, as the Democratic nominee casts the 2020 presidential race as a test of the "soul of the nation" against President Trump.

And that platform is likely to be a focus tonight as Biden appears on CNN for a town hall in which he'll face questions from voters.

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