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'Like torture' | St. Louis man says he was awake, unable to speak or move during surgery

April 30, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Imagine going under the knife and actually feeling the pain. Matt Caswell says it happened to him, and now he's filing a lawsuit against Washington University, the anesthesiologist, and the

Vuylsteke says the medical professional should have realized Caswell was feeling pain based on his vital signs.

In the notes it says, "A review of the anesthetic record demonstrates a delay in initiating inhalational anesthetic after induction of anesthesia. " "Not only does his physical records prove the case, but they admit it," said Vuylsteke. The medical notes add, "The patient and his mother were immediately informed regarding the delay initiating the inhaled anesthetic agent until after the start of the surgical procedure. "Dr. Dan Forest has been retained by Caswell's attorney as an expert witness in the case.

He added and said under general anesthesia the goal is to keep the patient unconscious and unable to remember the procedure. "It was so scary I thought I was having a heart attack," remembers Caswell. A lawyer representing Washington University, the doctor, and the CRNA sent News 4 this statement regarding the lawsuit:Washington University’s policy is not to comment on pending litigation matters and is also prevented from commenting due to HIPAA protections afforded Mr. Caswell. If you would like to read the lawsuit, click here to see the petition.

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