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LatinXcellence: Roberto Larios made his Hollywood dream come true and now helps others do the same

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA - June 4, 2021: Roberto Larios, a TV Literary Agent at Verve Talent & Literary Agency, photographed at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights for CNN Latinx Ambition portfolio. CREDIT: Damon Casarez for CNN.

Translating this innate love of entertainment into his eventual career took time and effort, but Roberto Larios made it happen and now helps others do the same.

Larios, a TV agent, knows what it means to work hard, and it's gotten him to where he is -- inside one of the top agencies in Hollywood.

Larios landed at Hollywood agency Verve after completing his MFA degree at DePaul University and has never left, working his way up from the mailroom to being an agent.

That typically doesn't happen to a Latino in this industry," he said. ) Even less so is finding bosses who will invest in your success and take action to do so.

"I told him it'd never, ever gotten to that point, but what I didn't want to worry about was making sure that I can take care of my bills and being able to go home to visit my family whenever I got a chance," he said.

Larios said in his honesty, he had in mind "the next Roberto" and everyone with a similar background -- the first in their family to make a play for success in the tough business with few or no resources.

"I would say, take a look at every agency's roster and how many diverse agents they have, but it's not necessarily about a number.

Additionally, he said, it must be made clear what areas of any studio or agency Latinx people are employed.

"It's hard for someone like myself or, you know, like my colleague Gina Reyes, because we're two Latino diverse agents at one of the major agencies in this industry, but unfortunately the pressure becomes one of feeling that we can't sign everyone who we'd relate to or identify with due to being Latinx," he said.

If we can help, for example, five Latina female comedy writers that we represent find success, and all five of them are doing amazing things or are about to, then the ideal scenario would be that we can go sign five more to replicate the success," he said.

"I think the one thing that Latinos in general need to do in this industry is don't be afraid to speak up," he said.

Name: Roberto Larios Jr. Job: TV agent at Verge Talent and Literary Agency

What I think all executives could do to better Latinx representation on television: "When it comes to hiring writers or actors, there should be more than just the same 10 people.

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