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LatinXcellence: Kase Peña is creating a legacy of authenticity

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Los Angeles, CA - June 4, 2021: Kase Pe??a, a filmmaker and writer, photographed near Downtown Los Angeles for CNN's Latinx Ambitions portfolio. Credit: Damon Casarez for CNN.

Kase Peña wants to make sure the facts are clear so that Bronx historians don't come after her: Though her heart belongs to the Bronx, it's a little more complicated than that.

The industry, Peña said, supports "members of the dominant culture" while they're still in film school, while film students who are persons of color have to wait for years for their time to arrive.

Whether the project is celebrated with accolades or not, Peña is empowered by the fact that she's taken control of a narrative that too often has been out of the trans or Latinx community's hands, both of which she is a part.

Every year, when trans or Latinx stories not made by members of those communities are celebrated, it is "painful," she said, because it means a host of lost opportunities for people from those marginalized communities.

"Notice all those White filmmakers who told those stories about Latinx people, notice how they never came back to our communities to tell another one of our stories.

"What about when Latinx people from a hundred years from now and transgender people from a hundred years from now go back in time and watch movies?

That people from a hundred years from now will know Kase Peña.

Latinx trope I'd banish forever: "When Latinx people are portrayed as having an accent for laughs.

Also, something someone told me years ago was, 'You know what they say about people with accents?

Latinx actor/actress I think will a huge star one day: "Carmen Carrera, who just starred in my film 'Trans Los Angeles. ' She's been trying to act for many years and Hollywood has told her that she can't do it.

Overused line that executives say when passing on a Latinx project: "'We already have a Latinx show,' which is the same people transgender people hear.

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