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La Liga match between Valencia and Cádiz suspended following incident of alleged racist abuse

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Valencia's La Liga match against Cádiz on Sunday was temporarily suspended after Valencia walked off the pitch in protest of alleged racist abuse directed at one of its players.

(CNN)Valencia's La Liga match against Cádiz on Sunday was suspended for 20 minutes after Valencia walked off the pitch in solidarity when one of its players said he was subjected to racist abuse from a Cadiz player.

​ In a video of the match, Diakhaby appears to be angry following their exchange and followed Cala across the pitch, where he was eventually restrained by some of his teammates and opposition players.

Following a conversation with his teammate Gabriel Paulista and the match referee, Diakhaby led the rest of his Valencia teammates off the pitch and down the tunnel.

Valencia eventually returned to the pitch to continue the match, but in a statement after the game said it only did so under "threat" of being punished.

Valencia captain José Gayà said the team was told they would face a points deduction if they did not continue with the match, a sanction that could be imposed by La Liga.

The referee's match report states that Diakhaby told the referee Cala had called him a "sh*tty black," but that the alleged incident "was not perceived by any member of the refereeing team. "

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