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Klobuchar makes her not-so-quiet bid to be Joe Biden's running mate

May 28, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Joe Biden praises Amy Klobuchar when given the chance, calling her "first rate." But the presumptive nominee has declined to offer many clues on her standing as a potential running mate. Klobuchar has followed in stride, often answering that she won't "engage in hypotheticals," when asked.

(CNN)Joe Biden praises Amy Klobuchar when given the chance, calling her "first rate. " But the presumptive nominee has declined to offer many clues on her standing as a potential running mate.

Still, allies point to Klobuchar's work ethic, ability to cut deals across the aisle and attractiveness to some voters in battle ground states make her a quality candidate.

"She is really about the work," Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith, a personal friend, said of Klobuchar in an interview.

In an early move that helped separate her from the pack, Klobuchar was the first 2020 primary candidate with a number of delegates to announce she would endorse Biden.

A Biden donor and Klobuchar supporter credited her for rushing to support the former vice president when, in the days leading into Super Tuesday, it was obvious it wasn't going to be her.

In deciding between Klobuchar and others, the Biden campaign faces a choice of what type of running mate is best suited to become his counterpart -- a close ideological match like the Minnesota senator, a nod at the racial diversity of the party and energize his base by choosing Harris or Georgia's Stacey Abrams or building a bridge between moderate Democrats and progressives by selecting Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

As Biden's committee works on vetting potential picks, Klobuchar has been virtually active across multiple facets of the campaign, from appearing on his podcast to headlining a Women for Biden town hall.

"She's definitely positioned herself as a workhorse and a valuable member of a potential team," a Biden supporter said of Klobuchar's work to CNN in an interview.

In Klobuchar, Biden would also gain a senator who is widely recognized as someone who can work across the aisle to get deals done, cementing the reputation of being a favorite among Republicans.

Comparing Klobuchar's abilities to Biden himself, Smith pointed to the work he did as vice president in 2009 to ensure the stimulus bill to address the recession passed Congress, using relationships he had built during his own time in the Senate.

Klobuchar transferred that work ethic from her campaign into Biden's almost immediately, transforming herself into one of his most active surrogates.

Still, some black activists have made clear Klobuchar would not a suitable pick, going as far as naming her outright in a Washington Post op-ed earlier this month that implored presumptive nominee Joe Biden to choose a black woman as his Vice President.

LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter and co-author of the Washington Post op-ed, said a reason Klobuchar won't bring that enthusiasm to the ticket is because she's billed herself as a candidate who can pick off Republican voters, not pick up all voters from diverse background.

I'm not so sure of the value Klobuchar adds to ticket, unless the Democratic Party is only trying to court working class white folks," Brown said.

Rebecca Katz, a progressive Democratic strategist, told CNN that while Klobuchar's might be a closer ideological match with Biden, she wouldn't stoke enthusiasm or drive turnout from the left like other potential running mates.

"It's hard to make the case that Amy Klobuchar would help the ticket and bring out the voters who stayed home in 2016," Katz said.

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