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Justice Department places new pressure on immigrants facing deportation

November 24, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The Justice Department is requiring some immigrants facing deportation to file to stay in the United States in a matter of weeks, a highly unusual move that puts them at a disadvantage and at an increased risk of removal.

Immigrants fighting deportation generally have a chance to make their case in court, where they can ask a judge to allow them to stay in the US by arguing they qualify for asylum or another legal option.

But as of late, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, immigration attorneys have begun to see a slate of orders requesting that their clients file applications requesting relief from deportation within around five to six weeks.

"These out-of-the-blue type orders leave vulnerable children and their attorneys without adequate time to take the steps necessary to prepare and submit, to optimally prepare and submit applications for relief," said Jason Boyd, director of policy at Kids in Need of Defense, which provides legal services to migrant children.

Attorneys also told CNN that the orders that have so far been received have been signed by supervisory judges, not judges assigned to the case who would be more read in on the details of an individual's situation and usually decide how much time a person is provided.

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