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Johnson & Johnson applies for WHO authorization that could make its vaccine available in 190+ countries

February 19, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Johnson & Johnson announced it has asked the World Health Organization for emergency use listing for its single-dose Covid-19 vaccine.

If authorized, it would also allow J&J to supply the COVAX program – a global distribution and procurement agency that is helping manage Covid-19 vaccines for 190 participating countries.

J&J has promised to deliver 100 million doses of its single-dose vaccine to the US by the end of June.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN last year that he wanted to see people of color enrolled in Covid-19 vaccine trials at double their percentage of the population because their communities were hit hard by the pandemic.

But last summer, researchers said they were struggling to recruit people of color for Covid-19 vaccine trials.

In the first three months since the first Covid-19 vaccine shot was administered in December, the US government has delivered about 73. 4 million doses to states and jurisdictions, according to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The company has promised to deliver 100 million doses of its single-dose vaccine to the US by the end of June.

Along with another 100 million doses promised from Moderna for the end of July, an additional 150 million people could be fully vaccinated, enough to cover the full US population.

Walgreens will receive more than 480,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses per week from the US federal government starting on Feb. 25, the company announced Friday.

The company also said it had administered more than three million Covid-19 vaccines in long-term care facilities and “vulnerable populations. ”

The country's vaccine commission also said last month the shot should not be given to people aged over 65 years old due to lack of data on its effectiveness in that age group.

As the United Kingdom celebrates giving at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 15 million people and the EU surpasses 23 million doses distributed, several other European countries have not yet managed to put a single shot in arms.

The EU has secured more than 2. 3 billion doses of various coronavirus vaccines and said it expects to share some of those with others.

European countries should allocate 4-5% of their vaccine supply to developing countries, French President Emmanuel Macron has urged ahead of the G7 virtual meeting Friday where the issue is expected to be discussed.

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