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John Travolta celebrates daughter's milestone birthday

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Cheers to Ella Travolta.

(CNN)Cheers to Ella Travolta.

John Travolta celebrated his daughter's 21st birthday over the weekend on social media writing, "Happy 21st birthday to the most beautiful, kind, human being and artist I know.

Travolta shares Ella with his late wife Kelly Preston.

In February, Ella shared birthday wishes for her dad on social media.

You are not only the best Dad ever, but you are also my best friend," Ella wrote, adding, "Thank you for raising us, helping us and loving us and thank you for all of the good you do every day.

I love you Daddy.

Ella also paid tribute to her dad last Father's Day.

"Thank you for raising me with so much love and kindness.

I am forever thankful to have you in my life and I love you so much.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!"

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