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John Kerry's 'full speed' mission to restore American leadership on the climate crisis - CNN Politics

April 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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John Kerry, likely in his final government role, badly wants to persuade the world to limit the damaging effects of climate change. The 77-year-old spent the last few days back on the road, in China and South Korea, in a frenetic countdown before getting the first major gauge of his performance this week.

“He’s going full speed,” says Daniel Feldman, Kerry’s chief of staff in his role as President Joe Biden’s envoy on climate issues.

As former President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, Kerry helped forge the 2016 Paris agreement that Trump exited and Biden has now rejoined.

Kerry and Biden served together for 24 years in the Senate.

When Biden became Obama’s vice president, Kerry succeeded him as Foreign Relations Committee chairman.

“I don’t think you could find a more perfect individual for the job,” says Heather Zichal, who served on Kerry’s Senate staff before becoming “climate czar” in the Obama White House.

In Obama’s first term, Kerry tried to craft a Senate bill creating a “cap-and-trade” system of limiting carbon emissions.

The global outlook Kerry confronts, just over six months before a global climate summit in Glasgow, is as uncertain as the fate of Biden’s proposals on Capitol Hill.

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