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'Jessica, we are live': Excruciating on-air gaffe goes viral

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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We've all faced disagreements at work, or been trapped in an uncomfortable stand-off after getting in someone's bad books. Luckily for most of us, our workplace squabbles aren't usually broadcast live to a viewing nation or seen by millions online.

Two presenters on Namibia's flagship broadcaster have gone viral after their excruciatingly awkward exchange was seen live on air.

The argument began when news anchor Elmarie Kapunda threw to her colleague Jessica Kaimu for a sports segment.

"Jessica, we are live," Kapunda replied -- prompting a cringe-inducing silence between the pair, which neither presenter dares break.

But unfortunately for Kapunda and Kaimu, a Twitter user captured the moment and their tweet went viral.

Lazarus Jacobs, the chairperson of the network's board, told CNN: "Unfortunately for the sports presenter, I don't know what happened in her earpiece, (but) she did not realize she was on air.

Nonetheless, the phrase "Jessica, we are live" has gone viral throughout Namibia, South Africa and beyond, with online users expressing shock and support for the newsreaders.

"Who was wrong on the 'Jessica we are live' day?" one user asked in a viral tweet, imagining the question to appear on Namibian history tests in two decades' time.

But Jacobs told CNN: "There was no disagreement of any sort.

This was an honest mistake, it could happen to anybody," Jacobs told CNN.

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