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Jerry Seinfeld makes a surprise appearance at a reopened New York comedy club

April 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Jerry Seinfeld took the stage at Gotham Comedy Club Friday evening after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that performing arts and entertainment venues could reopen at 33% capacity.

(CNN)New York's comedy scene got "electrocuted" with star power Friday night when Jerry Seinfeld took the stage at a club, the first night performing venues have been reopened since the pandemic began.

Seinfeld performed at Gotham Comedy Club after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that arts and entertainment locations could reopen at 33% capacity.

Seinfeld asked the comedy club if he could be "first on stage" for its reopening at 7 p. m.

The performance was not announced on the club's Facebook page, which shared reopening plans featuring a lineup of nine comedians, not including Seinfeld.

Still, Seinfeld told WCBS that the energy of performing was palpable.

"It felt like getting electrocuted in a good way," Seinfeld said.

Club owner Christopher Mazzilli said he is excited to have the club up and running again.

Seinfeld has been rooting for New York from the start

A Brooklyn native, Seinfeld has been vocal about his belief that the city will recover strongly from the pandemic.

In September, alongside US Sen. Chuck Schumer, Seinfeld pushed for federal money to help save the city's performance venues.

"We're going to keep going with New York City if that's all right with you," he said.

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