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'It's not right": Online bracket ranks Grady High School teen girls based on looks

April 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Counseling sessions begin Friday for Grady High School students after a spring break "bracket ranking post" caused a social media uproar. The school system is investigating the incident which many

Every woman is beautiful in their own way. " This week, a letter from Grady High School's principal was sent to parents like Nike Manson. "Over the weekend we learned that while off campus on spring break, a small group of Grady students created a basketball tournament-style bracket and briefly posted it to social media. " Students confirm with CBS46, the bracket essentially ranked female high schoolers. Manson said she's talking with her son about the situation and wants him to understand its impact. "You're actually putting down girls, you're actually putting down their thoughts, their interests. " She continued, "how they look and feel about themselves. "Grady students allege a group of male juniors were behind the postings which rated several dozens of girls based on their appearances.

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