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'It wasn't just the abortion question': Edgerton school officials apologize for middle school assignment

October 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

7th grade students at Edgerton Middle School were assigned a political survey that asked for their opinions on issues like abortion, drug policy, and illegal immigration.

EDGERTON (WKOW) -- Mike Daly has gotten used to watching over his two kids' schoolwork as they've settled into their virtual learning environment.

"She had walked in on my 9 and 12-year-old discussing what an abortion was," Daly said.

Daly said what prompted the discussion was his 12-year-old daughter's seventh grade social studies assignment.

Edgerton Superintendent Dennis Pauli confirmed Thursday seventh graders in the middle school were assigned to fill out the Britannica 2020 presidential election survey.

"Thankfully, we got involved before she had to learn too much about too many complicated things so we didn't have to explain much to her," Daly said.

Pauli said both he and the middle school principal, Clark Bretthauer, agreed the survey was inappropriate for that age group.

Pauli said the teacher has since removed access to the survey and the school sent both email and phone messages to the parents of students who received the assignment.

I would like to apologize for a 7th grade social studies survey that students were asked to complete at home today.

The assignment was inappropriate for middle school students and will not be utilized at any point in the future.

Therefore, students will not be asked to complete this survey.

Daly said he is not upset with the teacher who issued the assignment and does not want there to be any discipline.

"I can sympathize with teachers right now," he said.

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