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'Iron Cowboy' pushes the limits of human endurance

May 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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After completing 50 triathlons in 50 days across all 50 US states, James Lawrence knew he could do more.

(CNN)After completing 50 triathlons in 50 days across all 50 US states, James Lawrence knew he could do more.

Lawrence, known to many as the "Iron Cowboy" is doing those thousands of miles near his home in Lindon City, Utah.

"People always say chase your dreams, but when you're chasing something, you never catch it," says Lawrence's wife Sunny, explaining the reasoning behind the title "Conquer 100. "

By completing the 'Conquer 100,' Lawrence wants to set a new benchmark of human performance and endurance.

"I do what I do to raise money for charity and to challenge myself to see what the limits are for my mind and body," says Lawrence, who celebrated his 45th birthday alongside a 38th successive daily triathlon on April 7.

Lawrence is reported to have completed the most half-distance triathlons in a year, 2011, before moving on to break records in the full-distance discipline in 2012.

Traveling throughout the US in 2015 -- as the Amazon documentary "Iron Cowboy: The Story of the 50. 50. 50 Triathlon" details -- equipment went missing, shoes got lost, and the Lawrence family, including all five children, lived and slept in a rented RV.

"Nothing great is ever accomplished on our own," Lawrence says.

Lawrence knew it was impossible to train a human body for 100 full distance triathlons, and says he used a gradual process of low impact, "heavy" bike, "low run volume" and consistent swim and weight training so that the first 10 triathlons would prime him for the next 10 and so on.

The plan worked and just like during the "50. 50. 50," Lawrence says he felt his body "break" after three weeks, and then bounce back.

"It was incredible to see my body change and act as if it had a mind of its own," says Lawrence.

Lawrence says he met his fundraising target of $100,000 by day 38, and now past the halfway mark in his 'Conquer 100' attempt, the Iron Cowboy is again in record breaking territory.

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