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IOHK partners with Ethiopian government to revamp education system

April 29, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Africa remains a primary development target for IOHK and Cardano.

Input Output Hong Kong, or IOHK, is helping the government of Ethiopia leverage blockchain technology to overhaul its education system.

IOHK’s Atala PRISM ID will allow authorities to create a tamper-proof record of educational performance for five million students across 3,500 schools.

John O’Connor, the director of IOHK’s Africa Operations unit, called Ethiopia’s blockchain-based education system a “key milestone” for his organization.

IOHK believes that the current blockchain-based transformation of Ethiopia’s education system could also be extended to post-secondary institutions, especially in the application of digital verification.

“We believe blockchain offers a key opportunity to end digital exclusion and widen access to higher education and employment. ”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson believes Africa will play an important role in deploying blockchain infrastructure over the next five years.

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