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Investigative report offers up-close look at Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin

January 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The Kenosha County District Attorney on Tuesday outlined a review of more than 40 hours of video and hundreds of documents in the Jacob Blake shooting. Here's a detailed account of what happened that day in Wisconsin.

Booker's emergency call at 5:10 p. m. on August 23 concluded with Rusten Sheskey, a White Kenosha Police officer, shooting Blake, a 29-year-old Black man who was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Mother of Blake's children said she feared he would crash her vehicle

On a computer screen in their squad cars, the officers learned the complainant said Blake was not supposed to be at the home and had taken the keys to her rented Dodge SUV.

Blake reached for his "waistline area" at one point, according to Sheskey, who said he believed the man was going for a weapon.

"Stop resisting!" Sheskey said he told Blake numerous times.

"Why would I pull a knife on a cop?" said Blake, who spoke with investigators days after the shooting and then again in September.

Blake told investigators that he later picked up the knife after dropping it during the tussle with the officer.

Blake said he wanted to "drop" the knife in the car and did not intend to use it.

Blake said "he did not point the knife at anyone; he did not swing the knife at anyone; he did not make any forward motion towards anyone with the knife; and he did not raise the knife towards anyone," according to the report.

"Jacob Blake stated that he did not hold the knife in a way which could be interpreted as being pointed towards anyone, especially the officer. "

Sheskey told investigators he first saw the knife as Blake moved across the front of the SUV.

As Blake tried to get in the SUV, Sheskey said he grabbed and pulled the man's shirt.

Sheskey told investigators that Blake then "turned his torso right to left" toward the officer.

The knife was now in Blake's right hand, moving toward the officer's torso, Sheskey told investigators.

The officer said he fired his weapon and did not stop until he saw Blake drop the knife in the SUV's floorboard.

Sheskey said he "feared Jacob Blake was going to stab him with the knife, but knew that he could not retreat because the child was in the car and could be harmed, taken hostage, or abducted by Jacob Blake," according to the investigative report.

Officers laid Blake on the ground and provided medical assistance, she said.

The witness told investigators that officers had Blake in a headlock and were punching him at one point.

He said Blake did not go down when one officer Tased him.

Asked by an investigator why he didn't surrender, Blake said, "Because he instantly grabbed my hand and he was trying to put me in handcuffs and I am just like not in front of my kids, not on my kid's birthday. "

Graveley said Blake had been named in five reports of domestic disturbances involving Booker dating to 2012.

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