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Inside Europe's biggest Hindu temple, myths get debunked and vaccines administered

February 20, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Hasmita Patel shuffles quickly between vaccination pods, stopping to peer inside each cubicle and greet her staff.

This public vaccination clinic is Patel's passion project, set up inside a school on the grounds of London's Neasden Temple, the largest Hindu place of worship in Europe.

"It is quite emotional seeing the temple and seeing all the community people here, as well, from the Temple," Ranjana Patel said after getting her vaccination, "When I saw Hasmita I was very, very excited to see her!"

"This will give an enormous amount of confidence to the local community that this vaccine is safe," Tarun Patel, the Temple spokesman said, "because people trust the temple and I think this will go a long way in taking away some of the misconceptions about the virus and the vaccine itself. "

By giving her community the chance to lead locally on the most important health project of our time and improve Britain's largest vaccination program in history, Patel hopes to chip away at structural inequities.

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