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Innovative 10-year-old creates 'stick library' for local dogs

February 20, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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For many families, trying to find fun activities during quarantine has been challenging. One Canadian father found the perfect project for his son to work on that will keep the neighborhood dogs entertained, too.

Carter saw a post about someone in New Zealand who created a stick library -- a place to keep sticks for dogs that want to play fetch.

The Carters are dog owners themselves.

David Carter said Nala is energetic when they take her to the dog park every day, which gave them more incentive to start this project.

After they finished building the stick library, they headed to a local dog park.

"We took it and zip tied it to the fence so it wouldn't disappear, we gathered sticks that we figured dogs would enjoy, and filled it up and waited to see what happened," Carter said.

"When we would go to the dog park, there would be no sticks in there, or lots of sticks lying around," Carter said.

According to Carter, his son has gotten a lot of satisfaction seeing people interact with the stick library.

Although the stick library is the first community project from the father-son duo, they're already planning to create another one to put at another dog park.

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