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'Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear': Fayetteville teen creates t-shirt to help ICU staff at local hospital

April 8, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A teen girl turns her family's home into a t-shirt making business to provide snacks for ICU workers.

(WTVD) -- At just 13 years old Lauren McGarry understands the magnitude of this pandemic because her mother, Felicia McGarry, is nurse manager in the Intensive Care Unit at Cape Fear Valley Health Hospital. Lauren decided she wanted to encourage and uplift healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic.

She started making t-shirts with a very inspiring message on them. "They say inhale courage, exhale fear.

Lets just say something went wrong with a patient and all the nurses had to go on deck for one patient," Lauren said.

They can run and grab one and keep moving. "SEE ALSO: Fayetteville business donates $5 of shirt sales to NC Restaurant Workers Relief FundHer mother told ABC11 the teen has already made about 30 shirts and business is still picking up. "Inhale courage and exhale fear is so fitting for our ICU team and any healthcare team battling the coronavirus," Felicia said.

"On a day off I could go out and it seems like such a beautiful day, but when you walk into the hospital, it's such a different feeling. "SEE ALSO: Nurse says she worked at New York hospitals while infected with coronavirusAccording to Felicia, her colleagues draw strength from her daughter's shirts and the message on them.

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