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India's critical wet monsoon season has started

June 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has officially declared the onset of the monsoon over the state of Kerala. The monsoon, which usually starts on June 1, is a few days late. But while the onset date is important, the overall forecast is much more crucial.

"Southwest monsoon seasonal rainfall over the country as a whole is most likely to be normal," the IMD said in a press release.

"Quantitatively, the monsoon seasonal rainfall over the country as a whole is likely to be 101% of the Long Period Average with a model error of plus or minus 4 percent. "

The Indian weather agency classifies a monsoon as normal when total rainfall from June through September falls within the range of 96% to 104% of average.

This means that we could see the first monsoon season in five years with measurements in the normal range.

Totals between 104% and 110% of normal are considered "excess," while anything above 110% is designated as "large excess. " Since monsoon records began in 1988, only the seasons of 1988, 1994 and 2019 were wetter than 2020.

"The southwest monsoon seasonal (June to September) rainfall over the four homogeneous rainfall is most likely to be Normal over Northwest India (92-108%) and South Peninsula (93-107%).

Seasonal rainfall is most likely to be below normal over North east India (<95%) and above normal over Central India (>106%). " the India Meteorological Department said in a press release.

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