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In Trump and Biden, reality and fantasy collide on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Coronavirus infections are skyrocketing. Unemployment is rising. Food lines are getting longer. And President Donald Trump is tweeting.

The solidarity that President-elect Joe Biden called for in a speech on Wednesday feels like a distant dream compared to the state of affairs in Washington, where Trump digs deeper into his bunker.

In this weird interregnum between Biden's victory and Trump's departure, the lame-duck President and the incoming one have taken remarkably, if unsurprisingly, different paths.

Biden's reality and Trump's fantasies collided on Thanksgiving eve.

Afterward, Trump invited the Pennsylvania Republicans to the White House for a West Wing meeting, two sources told CNN.

It is a reprise of a gambit the President tried with two leading Michigan GOP state lawmakers, who visited Washington last week, for a debriefing the President hoped would yield more fuel for his baseless claims of election fraud.

And Vice President-elect Kamala Harris tweeted out a Time article chronicling the crisis, stating: "Food banks across our nation are struggling to keep up with the demand due to COVID-19.

Know that when @JoeBiden and I are in the White House, we'll fight food insecurity and address this crisis. "

In a mirror of the chaos this spring, when local leaders were left to bid against each other for ventilators and personal protective equipment, Illinois' top state health officer said the federal government had already told her it couldn't fulfill an initial request of 400,000 doses.

With Washington tied up in knots and the coronavirus spreading at record rates, one of the country's most prominent health care providers, the Mayo Clinic, announced on it was bringing in staff from out of state and asking retirees to return to work fighting the virus surge in Minnesota.

"It's potentially the mother of all superspreader events," Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a former White House medical team adviser, told CNN this week.

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