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In Michigan's latest coronavirus surge, there's a new kind of patient

April 6, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Michigan is in another coronavirus surge and hospitals are again on the front line, but this time they have a new type of patient: younger and healthier.

Watching TV, responding to a steady stream of text messages and cracking jokes from his hospital bed in Lansing's Sparrow Hospital, Romankewiz said he feels upbeat about his prospects for a full recovery but that the virus laid him low.

Romankewiz, who lives a healthy life and has no underlying conditions, said he contracted the virus from his 19-year-old-son, Andy.

Jim Dover, CEO and president of Sparrow Health System, a large health care provider in central Michigan, said two things are driving the current surge: pandemic fatigue and mutations in the coronavirus that have made it more contagious and possibly more deadly.

At Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, one facility of the largest health care provider in the Wolverine State, the prevalence of the B. 1. 1. 7 variant is clear.

"Right now, the regular Covid test we do -- that's still just showing Covid (or) no Covid," Skrzynski said, "but we do send a lot of those out to the state and we are seeing something like 40% of our patients now (with) B. 1. 1. 7. "

She said was shocked to have to be hospitalized.

For instance, the Michigan Health & Hospital Association reports that among those age 30-39, there were 26 daily admissions based on a seven-day average during the fall and winter surge, while today there are 43 admissions in the same age bracket. d

Dr. Lynda Misra, medical director of the Covid unit at Beaumont Health's Royal Oak facility, said the rise in cases has been sharp and they are unsure where they are in this current surge.

Lindsay Muenchen, a registered nurse in the Covid unit at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, said she had thought the worst was behind them.

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