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Impeachment ramifications are just beginning to unfold

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The historic and rapid second impeachment of President Donald Trump came and went in a week. But the larger ramifications of the House's decision to impeach the President in his final days in office are just beginning to unfold.

In the upcoming days, the Senate -- mainly the incoming Majority Leader Chuck Schumer -- will have to grapple with how best to handle an impeachment trial.

One of the key dynamics that will govern whether senators push forward with an impeachment trial at the beginning of President-elect Joe Biden's presidency or whether they wait is going to be whether Republicans agree to allow some of Biden's nominees to move quickly through their confirmation processes in the mornings before the trial.

Multiple sources have told CNN that there isn't a clear signal yet whether Republicans would allow the kind of dual-tracking Senate trial that Biden has suggested he'd like to see.

Also, keep your eye on the statements coming from Republican senators: Over the next several days, some Republicans senators will make it very clear where they stand on impeachment.

CNN asked a series of Republican senators if they'd heard from McConnell in recent days on this topic and aside from the conference-wide note he sent on Wednesday, all of the members and aides said McConnell has been giving members their space to think through this on their own.

A Senate impeachment trial is not going to start until January 20 at the earliest.

While Democrats pushed hard to impeach Trump in the House, the reality of what a trial could mean for the opening days of Biden's Presidency is just sinking in.

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