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If you like spice, you'll love Truff's pasta sauce

January 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Are you the type of person who sprinkles their spaghetti with red pepper flakes for just a few seconds longer than anyone else at the table? Then Truff's brand-new spicy truffle pasta sauce is for you.

Well then, there is no question: You need Truff’s pasta sauce ($29. 99 for a 2-pack, truff. com) in your life, like, yesterday.

The new launch by the brand known for their flavorful truffle-infused hot sauces was such a hit, in fact, that it was out of stock throughout most of the holiday season.

We tried the sauce for ourselves, which comes in two different flavors, and honestly, it’s all we’ve been craving atop every dish of pasta since our taste buds got acquainted.

Both the black truffle pomodoro and the black truffle arrabbiata are vegan and gluten-free, and their consistency is reminiscent of a creamy vodka sauce, rich with umami flavor.

Admittedly, the flavor and spice difference between the two is nuanced: Neither is of the ultra-fiery, battle-with-your-food variety, but rather each provides a tangy, subtle kick, the flavor of chili peppers balanced by a blend of herbs, onion, garlic and, of course, truffle.

Strozzapreti with spinach, vegan sausage and Violife feta cheese as well as a Japanese-style gnocchi dish with scallions and sesame seeds were brought to new levels with the thick, flavorful sauce.

But you can upgrade virtually any pasta-based dish or anything you’d typically use a red sauce on with this stuff.

Plenty of reviewers rave it’s the best pasta sauce they’ve ever had, call it “heaven in a bottle” and say that they’re “mildly obsessed” with it — and we’ve gotta say, we agree on all counts!

We’re also huge fans of Truff’s hot sauce (this 3-pack makes the perfect gift for any heat-seeker) and the fact that there’s free shipping on every order.

Here’s to a new year filled with truffle and spice and pasta dishes turned up a notch.

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