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Iceman Art Sculpture Appears In Theodore Wirth Park

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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There is a brand new yet very old celebrity who has taken up residence at Theodore Wirth Park.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There is a brand new yet very old celebrity who has taken up residence at Theodore Wirth Park.

“I was walking along and I’m like whoa there it is,” Kristi Nelson said when she came upon it.

This is quite an art installation out in the middle of the woods,” said Ellen Lasner.

A while ago artist Zach Schumack, Ian Molloy-Busse, Harry Hausk and Gunnar Gapko made this art piece for a local awards show.

“Every day I would open my garage and see that thing and we thought it is almost a tragedy to keep it in the garage where nobody can see it besides us,” said Zack Schumack.

“It’s a big block of ice and it’s very hard to see through because it is very opaque, but you get close enough to it and you can see the outline of the caveman and carrying his tomahawk,” described Sue Hudoba.

“Ian over there he made the sculpture it started with a mannequin actually and it turned into that and he really did an amazing job making it authentic and real,” said Zach Schumack.

It really just warms your heart,” said Schumack.

“It’s a distraction from normal life and do something positive for the community and get people talking about something other than politics,” said Schumack.

They are keeping its exact location in the park a secret.

“We wanted people to engage not just with the piece but also with nature,” said Schumack.

So you will have to explore Theodore Wirth Park yourself to find it.

“I will give you guys one little tip and secret…there is a female companion to Zug Zug,” hinted Schumack.

For more information on Zach Schumack’s art you can click here.

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