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I went to Queensland for lunch and was stranded for three months

November 18, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

An Australian travel writer went to Brisbane for the day and ended up there for three months as Queensland closed its borders to domestic travel.

I was attending a lunch for the Australian Society of Travel Writers in the town of Ipswich, on the outskirts of the state's capital Brisbane.

But then, the business trip turned into a nightmare: No sooner had I crossed the border from my home in New South Wales to Queensland than the door was slammed shut behind me.

Danielle Lancaster, another writer at the lunch, offered me her vacated house as she was relocating to the remote town of Charleville.

From there, I drove without a plan or a map, exploring country towns by day and sleeping at free campsites each night.

I called on my sister-in-law's sister on the Gold Coast, two hours south by train; my brother's high school buddy in nearby Surfers Paradise; an ex-workmate in Noosa, half a day by public transport; and my godfather at a small beach town, just a few minutes away.

On my last day in Brisbane, to celebrate my great interstate escape, I held a farewell at a brewery aptly named Felon's, inviting the same people who had attended the event in Ipswich.

Louise Goldsbury is an occasionally Sydney-based writer, editor and columnist, specializing in adventure and solo travel.

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