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I thought 'flights to nowhere' were silly. Then I went on one.

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Hong Kong Express is offering 75-minute flights that circle Hong Kong air space and return to the airport.

Hong Kong (CNN) — I have been on quite a few flights where people clapped when the plane landed.

Hong Kong Express, a low-cost carrier based -- as you may have guessed from the name -- in Hong Kong, has become the latest airline to offer sightseeing "flights to nowhere," which involve planes landing in the same destination they departed from, without stopping anywhere else.

My favorite way to get to the airport is via the high-speed express train that departs from Hong Kong Station.

Despite the fact that we weren't leaving Hong Kong airspace, everyone on the flight still had to go through normal airport security processes.

Temperature screenings have already been a presence at Hong Kong International Airport since the days of SARS and avian flu, but heightened protocols meant plenty of free bottles of hand sanitizer stationed throughout the terminal and constant presence of cleaning crew.

A rep from Hong Kong Express had told us that one of the motivations behind their flights to nowhere was to remind people of the magic of travel.

To make sure that passengers from the Hong Kong Express flight didn't get lumped in to the quarantine group, we were each given bright purple lanyards to wear on arrival.

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