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I got Covid-19 two months ago. I'm still discovering new areas of damage -- Richard Quest

July 7, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Two months after contracting covid-19, CNN anchor Richard Quest is still experiencing the long tail of the virus, including a recurrent cough, serious fatigue and unexplained clumsiness.

Like many others, I am now coming to realize that I am living and suffering from the long tail of Covid-19.

I suddenly noticed I was feeling very tired and I had a new cough.

The virus is like a tornado.

When it lands, it swirls through the body, causing chaos, confusion, coughs, wreaking damage to each organ it touches.

For those that do, when it has gone, one surveys the damage to the human landscape and realizes it's much greater than first thought.

I was wiped-out tired and I always had "the cough," which has now returned.

The Covid cough is not like your usual cough-it-up deep cough (what doctors politely call a "productive cough. ") It is very distinctive.

It is a dry, raspy, wheezy, cough.

In my case, lots of short, expelling gasps of air, followed by a long, deep, chest-wrenching expiration cough, that has standers by wondering if I am going to keel over.

I have tested negative for the virus and positive for the antibodies, and my doctor says it won't return.

It doesn't matter whether I call them symptoms, traits, or wreckage -- my body doesn't feel quite right.

The cough has been with me for days, I have been tired and needed to take naps.

This week already feels much better.

It will roar through the body -- kill some on the way -- injure all in its path -- and then when you think "well, thank God that's gone," look around, the damage is strewn everywhere and will be with you long after the crisis has passed.

Covid is a tornado with a very long tail.

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