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How to socialize for the first time again after a year of isolation

April 30, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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This past year has been tough for everyone. With so many missed celebrations, time apart from loved ones and time spent in isolation, it can be intimidating just planning the first public encounter you have. An expert has some advice on where to start.

(CNN)I've been wanting to take my friend to my favorite tea shop for what seems like forever.

While she loves fruity herbal teas and I'm more a fan of black teas, I know we'll each be able to find something we like within the book-lined walls.

If we want to sit outdoors, I know there is a space at the back of the shop, but there isn't room for many people if we are social distancing.

When we going through such an abnormal experience for so long, we forget what we know naturally as human beings -- that people do reach out, help each other and say hello.

Like any traumatic event, which we've been living every day, it's scary to step out and say, "Am I safe?

Webber: Reconnect with the people you know first -- because you already have that sense of friendship.

Try finding a small support group, like people who all want to speak Italian.

Webber: Especially after surviving a whole year of really difficult things, I'd just say, "Let's not do that today.

Webber: Because we want to, because we are human beings who thrive only with social connections, and because our life is full and fresh when we're with other people.

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