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How to ask for a raise in the middle of a pandemic

October 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

You've been working longer days and increasing your output, taking on more responsibilities, and really stepping up. You've earned a pay raise.

"If you are in a place where you've had a significant impact on the organization and taken on more responsibility and the company isn't saying, 'Have some more money or this promotion,' you do owe it to yourself to ask," said Kate Dixon, author of "Pay UP!: Unlocking Insider Secrets of Salary Negotiation.

Starting the conversation about a pay raise can be uncomfortable during normal times, but it gets a little more complicated in the middle of an economic slowdown.

"You need to be conscious of your employer's situation," said Joel Garfinkle, executive coach and Author of "Get Paid What You're Worth: Learn How to Negotiate a Raise. " "If there's a hiring freeze, or if they're really struggling financially, it does make it more difficult to make a case that you deserve a salary increase. "

Instead try saying something like: 'The last several months have been challenging, but I've been able to continue to grow my sales, improve team morale, or have brought in X new clients in a tough climate. '

Any quantifiable evidence of your value is good, like how much money you've saved the company or sales numbers.

"Try something like: 'I've had these successes in last six months or year, I feel like at this point a raise would be warranted given how much I have contributed to the growth and development and I would like to have a raise of XYZ. '"

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