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How one of Pennsylvania's only fairs looks and feels during the pandemic

August 1, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The Lebanon Area Fair runs through tomorrow. With no rides or games, organizers are trying to end the fair with a familiar boom -- a socially distant firework show.

The Lebanon Area Fair runs through tomorrow.

— It's another year of the Lebanon Area Fair.

This year, though, it doesn't look much like the fair people know and love.

"The track you see over the hill would be completely packed full, grandstands ready for people to watch the tough trucks, lines of cars on the road, people waiting to get in, and the parking lots would be stuffed," described Emily Summey, a spokesperson and Lebanon Area Fair board member.

The only thing that may be stuffed is people's bellies with fair food from one of the food stands on the grounds.

"We got over the heartbreak stage a few months ago," responded Summey when asked about what it feels like to run the fair this year.

COVID-19 is like the breakup causing that heartbreak -- physically separating fair goers as they practice social distancing and wear their masks and people from the fun they're accustomed to having this time of year.

Benner's family owns the company Penn Valley Shows which typically provides rides and games for the Lebanon Area Fair.

We're ready to start planning for next year for a completely normal fair, we hope. "

The fair allowed students to show their animals this year.

However, those people taking part couldn't camp and stay the entire fair week like they have in years past.

Even with the restrictions, many people said how thankful they were that the Lebanon Area Fair opted to go on during the pandemic and how appreciative they were that the students could show their animals.

The Lebanon Area Fair is trying to go out with a bang Saturday night.

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