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How empathy can boost creativity in kids

February 19, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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University of Cambridge researchers explored the link between empathy and creativity, and what happens when you combine social and emotional learning with academic work.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge explored what happens when you combine social and emotional learning with more traditional academic work.

CNN. com spoke to Nicholl and Demetriou about the link between empathy and creativity, and why cultivating empathy should be a lifelong pursuit.

CNN: Can you help unpack the relationship between empathy and creativity?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of empathy: cognitive, or thinking about things from another's perspective; and emotional/affective, feeling along with the other person.

Nicholl: We didn't just tell the kids about the problem, we also helped the kids feel what it was like to have asthma and see things from their perspective.

CNN: Why is learning empathy so important for kids?

Demetriou: When you teach empathy, it allows learners time to think about others' perspectives.

CNN: Today social and emotional learning tend to be kept separate from academic subjects.

Nicholl: Social and emotional learning should be integrated into every subject.

There is lots of research that shows that books can elicit empathy, and conversation about the characters and stories helps children see what it is like to experience life as another person.

CNN: Should we be focusing on cognitive empathy, which is thinking about others; emotional empathy, feeling with others; or both?

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