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How Covid ended the city escape

October 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Across the globe, cities are taking a pounding from Covid-19 as travelers are avoiding visiting large cities during the global pandemic. In turn, tourism numbers in metropolises have plummeted as travelers venture to rural areas and small towns.

(CNN) — Around the world, cities are taking a pounding from Covid-19 as travelers are avoiding visiting large conurbations during the global pandemic.

"Many cities have been hit hard by the pandemic, so it's not a good look to go gallivanting around while people are dying," says New York-based travel writer and editor Teddy Minford.

Mexico is open for American tourists but as Minford doesn't yet feel it's responsible to visit Mexico City she's been visiting family in rural areas of the US.

Major tourism conglomerates have evidence indicating the pandemic has encouraged travelers to gravitate away from city breaks.

Amtrak Vacations told CNN Travel that train trips to city destinations are down by 8% compared to the same time last year.

Gabby Beckford, a travel blogger, predicts that she'll be comfortable visiting a large city outside of the States by early 2021.

Beckford had plans to travel to cities across the globe this year but instead has been visiting smaller locales in her home state of Virginia.

She says the rural areas were thrilled to have travelers supporting the local tourism economy as big cities usually receive all the tourism traffic.

"I feel that by traveling to a bustling city, I'm contributing to the spread of this virus," she says.

Other Europe-based travelers have decided against visiting cities in spite of how easy it is to travel between major cities across the continent as city travel is simply just not appealing during the pandemic.

Half of the overnight stays in the city were from business travel.

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