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House fire just the beginning of turmoil and disruption for Burlington neighborhood

July 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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'Really out of control:' Neighbors in Burlington offered to help when a family's house was damaged by fire, but now the family is being accused of creating disturbances in the

BURLINGTON — Four years ago, fire ravaged their house, and supporters rallied around them with a fundraising drive. Now, neighbors and city building inspectors say the family in the restored house at 173 W.

Homeowners Robert Glashagel and Roszette Burkhart also have faced a civil lawsuit filed by the construction contractor who rebuilt their home — and then accused them of not paying the bill. The situation in the neighborhood near Downtown Burlington has gotten so bad that at least one nearby family sold their house and moved out. “Everyone’s just kind of fed up,” neighbor Bob Schuetz said.

State St. Alderman Bob Grandi wrote in an email to city staffers that Glashagel and Burkhart had neglected the issues for years, and that some nearby homeowners were “actually moving. ”The owners of a house next door — who could not be reached for comment — sold their house this summer. “No one should have to live next to what’s going on there,” Grandi wrote.

City records show that Glashagel missed court dates to answer to the citations, but eventually he was fined for six of the eight citations. Guidry declined to comment, saying he had worked out an agreement with Glashagel to clean up the property within 30 days. Neighbors said they have seen little sign of improvement. Neighbor Brian Breuckman said a barking dog continues to create disturbances, and the family’s children disrupt the neighborhood with loud outbursts and peculiar behavior.

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