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He's probably been in more movies than any actor in history

August 2, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

James Hong is everywhere. With 600+ credits under his belt, he might be the most credited actor in Hollywood history.

Without exaggeration, Hong might be the most prolific actor in Hollywood history.

"Well, you know, Chinese parents want you to do some professional jobs rather than be an actor," Hong says.

"All of a sudden, they wanted me to be in a movie," Hong said.

"Asians were put into a movie or TV mainly as a gimmick," Hong said.

Hong began his career during an era of flagrant yellowface in Hollywood, where white actors would routinely play Asian characters.

Even in "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan" — a crime TV series in which Hong played a supporting role — Irish American actor J.

"Any other movie that demanded an Asian lead most of the time was played by Caucasian actors with their eyes taped up and their little teeth," Hong said.

"I did the best as an actor to overcome the cliché-ness because I had to in order to keep working," Hong said.

You've got to improve the image of the Asians here," Hong said.

Along with actor Mako Iwamatsu, Hong helped organize an Asian American acting group in Los Angeles.

"East West Players were formulated to showcase works by Asians, who wrote the play, who designed the stage, who act in the play," Hong said.

And Hong knows better than anyone the importance of having a space for Asian American creatives in Hollywood, where roles are still lacking.

"Even though the actors and singers have talent, they can't move forward because there are not enough roles," Hong said.

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