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Here's how severe weather is affecting Covid-19 vaccinations in these states

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The frigid temperatures, snow and ice that have devastated parts of the country are having an impact on Covid-19 vaccinations, delaying deliveries and appointments for shots.

Steve Elliott, a spokesperson for the Health Department, said all allocations of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are delayed due to weather -- but that doesn't mean residents expecting shots over the next few days will have appointments canceled.

Monterey County health officials also said Wednesday there were vaccine delays.

Santa Barbara health officials announced in a news release Wednesday they had been notified by the California Department of Public Health that their allotment of the Moderna vaccine "is continuing to be delayed due to severe weather conditions across the country. "

In Colorado, state officials said in a news release Tuesday that winter storms affecting a vaccine distribution hub in Tennessee have caused a delay in vaccine shipments.

Florida's Department of Emergency Management said in a tweet Thursday that it had been notified shipments of the Moderna vaccine were "still delayed by severe weather. "

The health department said Tuesday that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines scheduled to arrive early this week would be delayed due to weather.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lindsay Weaver said Wednesday more than 43,000 vaccine appointments have been affected by weather this week, with more than 80 clinics around the state closed.

Maryland health officials said they anticipate delays in their vaccine shipments, with limited vaccines sent to the state in recent days due to winter weather that "created a significant backlog. "

Health officials wrote Tuesday on Twitter, "We recommend confirming vaccine appointments scheduled in the next couple days as there may be some delays in vaccine shipments as a result of the inclement winter weather. "

Greg Cassell, with the Southern Nevada Health District, said Wednesday the Moderna vaccine shipment for the week did not come, so all Moderna second doses are canceled.

Officials said Wednesday shipments were delayed this week and vaccine sites have been relying on their inventory on hand to keep scheduled appointments.

Matt Bieber, Health Department spokesperson, said some Pfizer shipments were delayed and public health offices had to cancel some vaccine events this week.

New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio said officials were already dealing with a short supply, is also seeing vaccine shipment delays.

The agency said it was notified by the federal government of "continued delays in some shipments and deliveries of COVID-19 vaccine this week due to severe weather," impacting shipments of both first and second doses.

"These delays may cause vaccination appointments to be postponed or rescheduled," the release said, and the NCDHHS told providers to "assess current appointments and notify recipients accordingly based on on-hand supplies. "

The state is working with the CDC and vaccine providers to "help minimize the potential effects of these delays," the release said.

"Many providers are continuing with their scheduled vaccination appointments, but some have canceled appointments due to snow emergencies," officials said.

Health Authority spokesperson Jonathan Modie said Wednesday about 67,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine were expected to arrive in Oregon this week but will likely be delayed until next week.

"Severe weather in the Midwest has delayed COVID-19 vaccine shipments across the country, including in Oregon," Modie said.

Tom Hudachko, a Health Department spokesperson, told CNN Wednesday some vaccine providers had to reschedule clinics from this week to next week because of shipping delays.

Shelby Anderson, spokesperson for the Department of Health, said Wednesday officials were informed that Moderna vaccines were not shipped this week.

A Health Department spokesperson told CNN on Wednesday officials were made aware that some Moderna vaccine shipments were delayed but did not have information on how those delays could affect scheduled appointments.

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