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He went down the QAnon rabbit hole for two years. Here's how he got out

October 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

This man was sucked into QAnon for two years. Here's how he escaped the virtual cult.

Like many previous conspiracy theories, QAnon has become as much about community as actual theory.

QAnon "really does take on a life of its own, which can, in fact make it a more significant threat," Kaplan said.

Jadeja, the former QAnon believer, is Australian.

Once Jadeja found QAnon he was quickly sucked in.

QAnon was all he wanted to talk about.

[S]uch shouting, irrational, you sound like the homeless guy on the street yelling about Judgment Day," Jadeja said.

Did you see that?" Jadeja said.

"I think superficially it did seem like [QAnon] gave me comfort," Jadeja said.

View, the conspiracy theory researcher, said QAnon preys on vulnerable people who in some cases might be suffering from mental health issues.

"I think it's a mistake to say that QAnon is a conspiracy theory, because this kind of makes it sound like Area 51 or Big Foot," he said.

For Jadeja, the impulses he developed while he believed in QAnon are a source of shame.

QAnon theories often start out on fringe internet forums like 8kun and 4chan, according to Alethea Group's Kaplan.

After two years in the world of QAnon, Jadeja said, cracks began to form in his conviction.

On top of that, Jadeja said, he was noticing more logical inconsistencies in QAnon's theories.

It went like this: A QAnon follower had supposedly asked Q to tell President Trump to use the phrase "tip top" in a speech.

Another Reddit community called QAnonCasualties functions as a support group for friends and family members of QAnon believers.

Looking back, Jadeja said, he doesn't think there isn't a single relationship in his life that wasn't affected by his time believing in QAnon.

Jadeja thinks it's possible more QAnon believers can follow his path out.

He said the best way to help believers is to remind them of their life before Q.

Potentially being known as "the QAnon guy" among his friends is the last thing Jadeja wants.

That's why, he said, he decided to share his story — in the hope that other believers might see that there is life after QAnon and reevaluate their choice to support it.

Ultimately, he said, he's glad he went down the QAnon rabbit hole.

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