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He spent his stimulus money on 30,000 masks for the homeless and others in need

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The federal government has sent out direct payments to bring much-needed relief to millions of Americans reeling from the financial impact of the pandemic.

CNN Business heard from many readers who say that since they remain financially stable, they have chosen to use their stimulus payments to help those in need.

While the stimulus money could allow him to live with greater ease for a short while, he decided last spring he wanted to use it instead to buy masks for the homeless and indigent.

"I live on fumes after buying the masks, but I feel good about it," Suchon said.

"I've been donating money because I'm still working," Woods-McKinney said.

Sheldon Joseph, who works at a credit union in the Seattle area, decided to take advantage of his employer's three-for-one match when he donated his stimulus checks to a local food bank and the Lavender Rights Project, which provides legal and other services for low-income people in the LGBTQ community.

Since he feels financially stable right now, he said, he felt his stimulus money should be put to good use.

To counter her feelings of grief on both counts, Alonzo decided to create the nonprofit Obi's Pet Pantry to help people who are having a hard time financially providing for their pets.

"It's available for people in need, no questions asked, and all of the items are free," Alonzo said.

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