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Handforth Parish Council met again, and Jackie Weaver isn't happy with how it went

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When members of an English town's local government committee met to discuss planning matters before Christmas, they had little idea that their Zoom call would become the cinematic event of the decade.

But it was notably missing the lead character from the original -- Jackie Weaver, an adviser to local councils, who won plaudits for rebuffing the abuse of some members, booting the council's chairman Brian Tolver from the discussion and claiming the moniker "Britney Spears" for herself in the process.

Weaver told CNN on Thursday she was "saddened" by the public's interruptions.

"I have not experienced similar behavior in other councils," Weaver told CNN, reflecting on the first meeting -- "although in local democracy, debate can get quite heated. "

Tolver, the chairman whose ejection by Weaver prompted the meltdown in the original meeting, opened Wednesday's discussion by noting it was "scheduled to take up to half an hour, we hope. "

"There's a lot of interest in this meeting because of recent viral events," Tolver said, warning his fellow councilors.

"By all means get interested in your local council meeting, but it is not a bull pit," Weaver added.

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