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Haiti assassination suspects wait in limbo, with family members left in the dark

July 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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"As of this moment, we know absolutely nothing about how they're doing and how they're being treated. We're still in the same suffering," Milena Africano, whose husband is among the detained, said after the meeting.

(CNN)Two weeks after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, dozens of men arrested by local police remain in detention facing no formal charges and with limited access to attorneys.

And the only information gleaned so far by the family of Christian Emmanuel Sanon, the Haitian-American doctor who police say orchestrated the assassination, is that the 63-year-old is still in good health after officials from the US State Department visited him earlier this month.

Asked repeatedly whether the suspects have access to legal representation, Haiti National Police spokeswoman Marie Michele Vernier said only that the men were in contact with their respective embassies.

Twenty-six men have been detained since the assassination, Vernier told CNN Wednesday, including 18 Colombians, five Haitians and three US citizens.

Haitian police say Sanon, who had mounted an above-board foray into politics in recent months, hired the Colombians and other men as "mercenaries" in an attempt to seize power in the country.

The doctor had recently announced plans to seek the Haitian presidency in a future government and had hired the Colombians and other men from a Florida firm as security in Haiti, according to a company that arranged funding for the effort.

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