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Gunfire was exchanged during a Nashville traffic stop that left the driver killed and officer injured, video shows

March 13, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating a shooting incident on Brick Church Pike in Nashville, according to a tweet from the agency. In a tweet, the Metro Nashville Police Department said Officer Josh Baker is in critical condition after being shot in the parking lot of the Dollar General at Brick Church Pike around 9:30 a.m. local time Friday. A 31-year-old woman is also in critical condition after being shot at the same location, according to MNPD.

Gunfire exchanged during a traffic stop Friday between a Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) officer and a driver has resulted in the woman's death and the officer requiring surgery for his injuries, according to the department. Body camera and dashboard camera videos of the traffic stop were released by the MNPD later the same day.

Body camera and dashboard camera videos of the traffic stop were released by the MNPD later the same day.

MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron said in a video statement that the car Holbert was driving was stopped because it was registered to a convicted felon with six warrants out for his arrest.

The body camera video shows that Holbert was complying with Baker's demands to get out of the vehicle and to step toward the back of the vehicle.

Baker asks Holbert to "stop going through" her purse, which she then hands to him, the video shows.

Baker then says in the body-cam footage, "Do me a favor and turn around," to which Holbert responds, "No, don't put me in handcuffs.

Holbert is then seen on the body cam video running around the back of the car to the passenger side, holding her bag, before getting back into the driver's seat, the video shows.

The officer holds up a stun gun and commands Holbert to get down on the ground to which she responds by screaming, "No!" multiple times, the video shows.

Holbert then sits in the driver seat of the vehicle as the officer deploys the stun gun.

Holbert appears to be shocked multiple times in the video.

Baker commands Holbert to "put the gun down" and draws his gun before the two exchange gunfire, the body camera video shows.

According to Aaron, Holbert shot Baker before he returned fire.

After Baker falls down, Holbert is seen in the video driving the car away, leaving Baker wounded in the parking lot.

Holbert's car later ran off the roadway about a block away from the scene, Aaron said during the video release.

MNPD officers rendered aid to Holbert at the scene before she was transported to a hospital where she died from her injuries, according to Aaron.

Officer Baker remains hospitalized in stable condition after undergoing surgery for his gunshot wound, which was located in his torso under his bulletproof vest, Aaron said, and the investigation is in its "early stages" and ongoing.

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