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GoodFi coalition adds 22 industry leaders to help attract 100M to DeFi

May 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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GoodFi has formed a board of directors and launched an education website to help further DeFi’s adoption.

Non-profit decentralized finance alliance, GoodFi, has announced the addition of 22 DeFi industry leaders to its newly formed Board of Advisors including representatives from many of the sector’s top projects.

It’s also launched a website to hook new users up with appropriate DeFi protocols.

It’s designed to recommend beginner-friendly DeFi protocols to new users tailored to their individual needs.

To get 100 [million] DeFi users by 2025, GoodFi needs to guide users at each step so they feel confident bringing assets into the ecosystem. ”

Powell predicted that the development of increasingly user-friendly interfaces will help “spur greater adoption” of DeFi, adding that “the longer DeFi has been around, the more comfortable people will be with it. ”

We see DeFi’s adoption as increasing society’s progress by giving new tech and finance businesses access to capital for growth and innovation. ”

The GoodFi alliance was launched by DeFi-focused layer-one protocol Radix in February, with Chainlink, Aave, and Messari pledging early support.

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