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Goalkeeper gets married then stars in semifinal later in the day

November 24, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

He tied the knot in the morning before later on helping his team tie down a grand final spot.

(CNN)He tied the knot in the morning before later on helping his team tie down a grand final spot.

It proved to be an eventful weekend for Queensland Lions player Luke Borean, who swapped wedding tux for goalkeeper gloves to have a hand in his side's 4-1 semifinal victory over Peninsular Power.

"It is not every day you get to bring your bride and wedding party to a game of football," the Lions posted on social media, alongside a photo of Borean, his teammates and partner Ellen Hepburn still in her wedding dress.

The post continued: "They enjoyed the reception and then all headed out to Peninsula to watch Luke play for a spot in next week's grand final.

The Lions, who play in Australia's National Premier Leagues Queensland, now face Brisbane Olympic in Saturday's grand final.

"He turned up fairly nonchalantly at training on the Tuesday and I said I'd need him to help prepare (reserve keeper) Ryan Murphy for the match," said Lions coach Darren Sime according to ABC News.

"Obviously the club would never, ever stand in the way of a player's wedding, you have to celebrate those moments.

"Everyone was pretty excited about the whole thing, something new, something strange, it doesn't really happen that often," Borean told 9 News Queensland about the wedding party arriving at the game.

"We've got a grand final this weekend now so we've put the honeymoon on hold," he added.

Victory for the Lions at the weekend would surely help prolong the wedding celebrations.

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