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Girls with power tools build their way to focus and calm

October 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

"Girls Who Build," released today, is by Katie Hughes, who founded the Girls Build nonprofit after getting frustrated at being the only woman on construction work sites. She started teaching classes to girls ages 8-14, on how to drill, saw, and weld.

In her new book "Girls Who Build," Hughes provides detailed explanations of tools, skills, terminology and step-by-step instructions for "do-it-herself" projects big and small.

CNN: Why is it important for girls to learn how to build?

Building also teaches girls that it's OK to make mistakes at a time when society is focused on perfectionism.

CNN: Why is it impotant to teach girls building skills from an economic perspective?

Hughes: When a girl learns to build at an early age, she grows up to be a woman empowered to fix and make things herself rather than always paying someone else.

CNN: Is it important for girls learning to build to have female mentors?

But I think it's incredibly important for girls to see women doing building work.

CNN: As your book points out, there are building camps for girls all across the country.

Some kids actually have more time these days for building.

CNN: I was struck by how many of the girls featured in the book said things like "I build to relax" or that building helped them to de-stress and feel calm.

A lot of girls said building offered them a calming place and time to just be present with themselves.

Building might start out looking like crafting, but the important thing is to help them realize they can create what they want from the world around them.

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